Gussy’s 28th birthday & Todd’s 40th! {whoaaaa}

in human years he’s challenging us for age… but only 4 in doggie years, he is still young as ever! he still acts like a playful puppy. in fact on our family birthday walk today a lady stopped us to ask if he was a puppy b/c he was “lively” and we laughed b/c he is not – although he thinks he is! he is still ornery & curious and adorable – although slightly fatter and takes more naps – than the day we got him. he was the best decision we ever made, and has taught us patience and love & that daddy is the biggest push over EVER!!!! we’ll have to work on that when the baby comes b/c it is def good cop / bad cop in this house {and i have to be bad cop}

and on the same day {can you believe it?} it is my brother’s 40th birthday!! lordy lordy he sure got old šŸ™‚ we’re a little shy of 11 years apart and it made for an interesting time growing up – aka me obsessed w/ him and wanting to do everything just like he did & him being like oh my gawd my little sister is such a tag a long haha – BUT as we have gotten older it’s as if our age gap has closed as well. maybe b/c i am mature beyond my years haha. no really though, i am so grateful for the years that we have shared and they have made us so much closer in our older ones. i’m so proud of him and all that he has accomplished and continues to accomplish. he is a wonderful brother, son & father and i hope that he has the BEST day today!! b/c he deserves it. love you king brother dog breath xoxo






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  1. Ash says:

    Right at the end when I was all “awwww” I busted out laughing and so did he! Good one. Happy Birthday Gus!

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