sausage fingers

are really awesome. i have them today. the past few days my hands have been a little swollen, nothing too crazy, then i wake up this morning and gus is gnawing at my pinky like it’s a slim jim. i can’t even close my hands into fists b/c there is too much swelling in my palms. this is a new and exciting part of pregnancy. as if i wasn’t sexy enough already! now i have matching fat fingers to go with my fat piggies. brian even gave me a new nickname this morning “Luga” he said “you know.. like Baluga Whale” he is so wonderful. so i’m drinking water and avoiding salty foods like it says but in any case, pretty sure i’m ready for my due date, for this birth, for these extremities to return to normal and to be skinny again. i miss my clothes. i am having serious separation anxiety from my closet. everything just hangs there, limp, staring at me like i am neglecting them.

but here’s the update and where we stand. our due date is this friday the 11th and if we aren’t a GO before then we will be inducing early next week. baby toes you will be joining the ranks within the week whether you like it or not. i PREFER you just give in now and show your little face, but if we have to do it the hard way, then that’s what we will do. either way here is your first lesson in tough love, we are your parents, and we make the rules 🙂 and you are coming out out out! we will meet you very soon sweet baby. i can’t wait to find out if you’re a boy or a girl, this is the most anxious i have ever been!

just in case you wanted to see what brian would look like pregnant
just in case you wanted to see what brian would look like pregnant


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