it’s been all baby baby baby lately BUT…

like i said in my last post i really really miss my clothes. le sigh. and with that all i can think about as of late is winter fashion, even though it hasn’t been cold enough lately! take today for example it’s early january and 54 degrees whatttttt? in any case, winter is my favorite time of year. i love boots and sweaters and vests and the whole shebang and i am really loving that the color for 2013 is emerald! i will probably buy into that trend way too much, considering i already love the color green. it gives me an added excuse. and now is also the perfect time for me to scoop up some new outfits as ‘encouragement’ to reach my pre wedding weight  post baby heehee

as always there are several trends that i believe are strictly for the runway and then there are others that are more take home fashion. this winter the biggest trends are leisure suits, oriental fashion, military, gothic, leather, fur, peplum & oversized. this season i def am going to incorporate the military, leather, peplum fur and oversized, everyone can incorporate those into their wardrobe. not sure i will EVER bring back the leisure suit, it can stay on miu miu’s runway to be admired from afar. but here are some of my favorite looks for this {not so cold} winter




Olivia Palermo


my showroom



Seams for Desire
Atlantic Pacific
Atlantic Pacific
Running on Happiness
Running on Happiness

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