due date

okay baby… it has been 40 weeks now that we have been together. according to the doctor’s you are fully baked. it is clear that you enjoy your cozy little home that you currently reside in however, it is time to come out & meet the world. maybe you are shy like your dad & need some coaxing. but your grandma got here wednesday and your grandpa gets here today and your other grandparents have been here all along, so if you were waiting on the family, then good job today is the day to show that face. if you are however just being plain old stubborn i do not appreciate this lack of respect for my wishes. you continue to grow while you are in there and well let’s be honest, i prefer you to do most of your growing outside of my womb than inside of it! we still have to get you out of there you know. think about that little guy or girl. i am also going to stop feeding you sweets today. until you come out. no more good stuff. & i know you like the sweets. but you’re going to get salads and water. if this is how it has to be then this is how it has to be. i don’t wanna play hardball but you’re really starting to hurt my back and the swelling is just unattractive. and i know you’re ready. you can do it!!! i even saw your little heart beating and those little lungs contracting yesterday – don’t be scared.

so it’s been a great 10 months of being a kangaroo but at some point you gotta leave the pouch. here’s me hoping today is the day!! ++ your daddy and i were married on the 11th, it’s a good number for us. make it happen!

10 months version 2

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  1. so cute. good luck momma and daddy!!

  2. Linda Abbott says:

    I love you, Kelly and I hope you’ve saved all these blogs for your little one to read someday. They’re priceless. I wish I had done so much more. Hang in there! Hi to your mother!

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