dear madison,

i haven’t had a lot of free time lately but now that i have a second, here is my note to you. you were born 1-15-13 at 7:10am. from the moment they placed you on my chest and i saw your tiny, beautiful face i knew that i was forever changed. that i was forever yours. i can’t begin to tell you how much we love you already. you are the sunshine & the moon. the light of our lives. and we will protect you & love you until our dying days. i hope that you will know how much you mean to us. & that you are a product of our love for each other. your father & i will do anything we can for you – and i hope that we can give you everything you will ever need. we know that we are not perfect and this is an imperfect world but to us… you are perfection. & you are by far the best thing we have ever done. go out into the world & chase your dreams baby girl. you will move mountains. xo, mom


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