madison’s MUST haves {baby girl finds i just had to share}


so according to littlehipsqueaks “admit it, the only reason you really were rooting for a girl is because you wanted to put headbands in her hair” — and well, i do have to admit, that dressing little madison is definitely ONE reason i was really rooting for a girl. girls clothes, and accessories and well just about EVERYTHING are so stinking cute i can’t even handle it sometimes! this post is to share all of the amazing must haves i have found for madison so far, so you can share them with you little bebe.

for madison

1.) little hip squeaks – this site has adorable baby blankets, burp clothes and these sweet head bands!

2.) ruffle butts – i could repin everything from this entire site. ruffle butt diaper covers & leg warmers – cuteness overload

3.) books with style by shopbop – this little piggy went to prada… every little girl needs this book

4.) brother vellies – these neon pink toe capped shoes caught my eye immediately… clearly {they’re neon}

5.) chevron monogrammed bib – made by southern style stitches, who doesn’t love all things monogrammed?!

6.) kissy face paci – by piquant designs, they have HILARIOUS pacifiers

6.) le petit tom – the dolly collection is the most feminine & amazing line ever. i want every single item for madison

8.) monogrammed wipes case – by harpers house, people ask me all the time where i got this soooo here you go!

9.) purse & pearls onsie – i have always been obsessed with this & knew i needed it asap if i had a girl. made by perpetual kid

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