dear madison \ two months


baby girl – today you are two months old. it has flown by. i can’t believe you have been in the world only 60 days but i can hardly remember what life was like before you arrived. nor could i ever imagine going back to that time. you have enriched our lives ten fold. made our love stronger, our hope greater and our smiles brighter. you are 11 pounds of pure bliss. and 22.5 inches of sunshine. you are starting to find your voice and you coo and smile at daddy & i. this is the greatest feeling in the world. when you look at us and acknowledge us with those bright eyes and grins. if you have felt this then you know, and if you haven’t then you don’t – but i hope one day you do. i can’t describe this feeling except to say my heart swells until i think it will burst. that much love. i can not wait to spend all of my days with you & your daddy, and watch you grow. although not too fast… we are savoring each moment now. and a message from your father…

“make sure you keep all those ‘firsts’ saved for weekend mornings”

so that we can both witness everything together. we don’t want to miss anything. and you will probably be the most documented, photographed, videoed baby of all time {sorry about that} but i hope one day when you are old enough to understand all of this you will know just how much you are loved. that’s my goal – to make you never go one day of your life without feeling loved to the moon & back. so happy two month birthday baby girl. xoxo, your mama


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