romper room

there’s pretty much no other way to describe a 3 year old’s birthday party. i guess this is the first of many of these anxiety filled events. handling madison is enough on it’s own let alone all these other ones running around. i thought i was going to step on one or two of them, as they were tangled in between my legs. and one little lovely soul even cuddled up into the wrong beaver, grabbing my leg thinking i was her mom. she was very confused when she looked up.  does madison have to have friends? are we going to be able to handle screaming little girls and slumber parties? i sure can’t wait for brian’s first tea party & for her to want to dress him up like a princess. that will be magical. & you know he won’t be able to say no. he’s already wrapped around her little finger. i’m going to come home from work one day and brian will be sitting there with a pink tiara on his head, gus will be decked out in a pink sequin dress & madison will be directing the party – pouring them imaginary tea into their little pink teacups. pinkys up! i can see it now! but back to the party — it was cait’s 3rd birthday last weekend & to the party we went! i spent most of the time with madison in her bjorn carrier because she was so tired, and also b/c 3 year olds are germ infested little monsters. madison is still building her immune system so i figured this was the best way for her to hang out with her cousins + friends w/o too much exposure. and NOOOO i’m not going to be the crazy mom who keeps her kid in a bubble {if you were wondering} BUT she’s only 3 months, back off… madison also LOVES to be in her bjorn, it is her happy place. so it’s win-win {until the next day when my back feels like a truck hit me. but that is neither here nor there} as tracie puts it “this is madison’s world and we’re just living it” haha so what she wants she seems to get. the party was a great time though. cait looked like she had fun in her jump castle & trampoline & outdoor play world. the kid had a lot of visitors and well, to be honest, she deserves it. she is the sweetest, most polite little girl in the whole wide world. i adore her. some kids you kind of want to mush in the face and walk away from them. but not cait. you just want to hug her. it’s hard to explain her special demeanor if you don’t know her but take it from me, she’s a sweetheart. i hope that madison has a similar gentle soul & that they grow up to be the best of friends!

happy birthday again cait. we love you lots!!


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