madison’s baptism


may the Lord give His angels charge over you, to guide you in all your ways  Psalm 91:11

it was a wonderful day full of so much love. we are so extremely blessed to have an amazing family & amazing friends to celebrate with us. from near & far everyone made the trip to be there for her big day. and even though the weekend went by too quickly {as it always does} i will treasure it so much in my heart. i know that she may not get the opportunity to have her entire family together ever again like that  & i hope everyone that was there knows just how much it meant to us.

the service itself was very appropriate for her baptism as well. the guest speaker dr. patricia lyons read from the velveteen rabbit about what it means to be “real” in a world that is so often artificial.  in her words what she believes it means to follow Jesus is ” not some vague direction for your life. it is an actual, physical, emotional, historical process. by which you & i become real. in this world of pretense & celebrity and shame. we have the opportunity to become real.” and Madison’s baptism.. this was her first step on a path to become real. her first step towards a relationship with Christ & a relationship with the world. it touched me. and it instantly became one of my favorite messages. i encourage you all to check it out. you can download the full audio of the sermon from the Christ Church website.

and a big thank you to paul porter photography for all images!!!! he captured everything so beautifully & i am grateful to him for these memories


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