best frens

post baby realizations. it’s not just about an adjustment for you + your spouse… it’s of course an adjustment for your families. but they mostly are just tickled pink. but it’s an adjustment for your friends. especially your best friends. sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to be happy for someone else. to be selfless & to support someone even when you’re still kind of sad at the same time. that they can’t just run out on a beckon call & head to drinks or dinner or the movies. your lives are different now. your lives are more difficult now. they require plans & booking sitters & syncing calendars. but they are still very much your friends. your best friends! & those friends are the ones that will remain after the chaos. the ones that support you in your life decisions & know you will do the same for them. the other friends, well to be perfectly honest, they don’t really matter. they aren’t the ones you will have in your life forever. forever friends don’t run. so focus on the people in your life that DO matter, and that will always be there. even if they are a step or two behind you & even if they don’t realize it now, someday they will – & they will understand – & they will be grateful for holding on. because everybody needs a little help from their friends. choose wisely who you hold onto. & be happy. you can’t waste your energy trying to make people understand things. to all our forever friends who have been there for us the past 4 months since madison was born, thank you. you have no idea how much your support has meant to us. and if you ever wanna stop by for dinner + drinks… come on over {madison is in bed by 8!}

xx The Williams

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