my last few posts were kind of heavy…


i was feeling emotional and sentimental – today well, i am feeling silly. last night we thought we’d try madison for the first time without a swaddle. i mentally prepared myself to be up all night so i hit the sack around 8pm, right after her. and what do you know…… she only got up once! around 1am she was up for a quick feeding then back in her crib. i am starting to wonder if god is preparing us for the wrath of our second child {no we’re not pregnant, i mean in the DISTANT future} but you hear those stories about the angel first child & the devil second. madison is SO good, i mean my pregnancy was a breeze, then she’s been sleeping through the night since she was a little over 2 months old, she smiles just about all day every day, she isn’t colicky, she doesn’t cry unless she needs something, she loves taking a bath… idk there just isn’t a problem area {so far} so i am just thinking in my head that this must be the case. we’re going to think she is so wonderful + good – lets have another! & our unborn second child is going to be a maniac. i just know it! for now i will focus on this little bundle of perfection playing on her play mat with her sophie, which she loves {and so does gus, he keeps trying to sniper it from her}

it also just hit me that madison isn’t going to let me dress her up as a doll forever… WHAT??? she’s going to have opinions? and not like things that i do? this can’t be! right now i dress her up & make her do things that are entertaining for me. i did the same thing with gus for awhile, anything for a good laugh right? but even now she’s started to be like wait a minute, i look ridiculous take this off of me right now, and i know she thinks this because she will cry and yank at everything she does not like now. this is not okay with me, i am the mommy and she is here to entertain me. right? i am not sure i will ever be ready for her to hit full blown “i am a real person and have real opinions on things” mode – i am pretty sure i was a terror when i hit that stage. so maybe she’s just bundling her hostility for a few years from now and then i’m really gonna get it. and teenage years, oh forget about it. i pray she is easier on me than i was on my mom. but in any case, for now she is small, and she can’t move on her own — and so i will dress her up {be ready for the next few days, we have some pretty fun outfits coming your way!}

i’ve also been thinking this morning about my other mommy friends who have just had babes & are about to! i was reading one of my favorite blogs fairy tales are true, & well i guess we’re just at the age where everybody is starting to pop them out. she wrote a congratulatory note to her good friend who just gave birth & the message brought tears to my eyes. i wanted to share it with all you new mommy’s in my life & the soon to be mommy’s. read this, fill in the blanks & soak it in:

Dearest {new mommy},
Welcome to mommyhood! I am so proud of you and {husband}.

First, don’t eat your child. I’m sure you’ll be tempted. He’s delicious. I’m glad I’m not there, or I’d be nibbling myself.

Annnnd {husband} better take care of you. Or else! I know he will. But this is just a reminder: {husband}, treat this lady who just gave you the best gift ever with grace, love, and lots of breakfasts in bed.

Let anyone serve you. Do not feel bad about this. Rest up, heal, and lay in bed with your little guy. That’s the only job you need to do right now. Everything else doesn’t matter.

Trust yourself, only you know what’s best for him. Mother’s intuition is a real thing. Listen to others advice, because whether or not you ask for it, you’ll get it. BUT know that whatever you decide to do, is what’s best for little {insert your baby name}.

You already know this, but you can ask me anything… about breastfeeding, getting peed on, _____. ANYTHING. I am here to support and encourage you as much as my little rookie mama self can.

Your hormones will be dropping. It’s totally normal to feel slightly crazy and sob over something slight.

You are an amazing mama. already. This kid is in for such a great big adventure. He’s a lucky little guy! {madison} can’t wait to meet her BFF.


{kelly, brian + madison}

sarah is so wise & wonderful, read her blog. often. for inspiration. & to you mommy’s also for your daily laughs read modg – it is hilarious and full of all the things you will THINK as a mom but people don’t want to SAY. she’s my mommy soul mate. i wish i was half as talented as these two women.

happy derby day! xx


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