Day 7 – underwater public speaking

Day 7 – The thing(s) you’re most afraid of

i am petrified of sea creatures. the unknown animals living in the ocean. i guess this makes me afraid of the entire ocean & considering about 72% of the earth is covered in this scary liquid i suppose i’m scared of a lot. my fear started in 3rd grade when i did a book report on sting rays. i was never able to put my feet down again on the ocean floor. i will swim my way to shore {IF i go in the water at all} until my belly rubs on the beach. from the string rays, it then led to barracudas, man eating sharks, loch ness monsters & escalated from there. there are so many creatures out there that we don’t even know about & uncharted depths that humans haven’t even ventured. you just don’t know what is out there…

i am also afraid of public speaking. from day 3 i wrote that this  made me uncomfortable but let’s be honest it terrifies me. if i don’ t know you i can be quite shy. i probably won’t say much, i’ll feel awkward & shuffle back and forth & play with my hands. & if i have to stand up in front of a group of strangers & stare out into the sea of eyes & SPEAK… i just can’t. my voice will shake & like i said i break out in hives. it’s bad news.

if ever someone really wanted to torture me & see me break – it would be making me give a speech to a group of people while treading water in the ocean {the thought alone just gave made me shiver}


loving this challenge & encourage all my other blogger friends to participate! stimulating my brain & fingers again. love it. & feeling like a new woman {especially after getting my hair done last night} how crazy is it that a day at the salon & a mani/pedi can turn your whole world around. i enjoy being a girl {almost as much as sarah jessica parker does…}


2 Comments Add yours

  1. laura i says:

    i promise i won’t throw sea creatures at you if you don’t throw snakes my way! 🙂

  2. Becky H. says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.
    I share that same fear!
    You will never find me on a cruise ship— no thank you.
    I don’t ever want some kind of crazy huge sea monster to make a special appearance.
    I seriously believe those things exist.
    I just try not to think about it. =)

    This made me laugh, mostly because I could relate… to the first half at least.
    I grew up in a church where I was practically tossed onto the altar as soon as I learned to sing and pray.
    So, I kinda learned to be comfortable in front of crowds.

    I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing!
    Found you via Jenni’s link-up =)

    You look beautiful!

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