dear gussy…

day 13 of the challengeissue a public apology. this can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

dear gus, i wanted to let you know that we still love you. i realize it must be hard with madison here now. the day we brought her home, you were so curious. you licked her little feet & sniffed her little head & probably thought to yourself “is she a toy? they are being very cautious with her. maybe she’s not a toy. i wonder when she is leaving?” – & then she didn’t leave. i can only imagine your shock that she instead stayed & was even given her own room. you have been with us 3 years & still have no more space of your own than your little crate. this must have been hard on you. she also has taken up our arms & hands {usually used for scratching} – our time {usually used for playing & walking you} & our energy {usually used for playing  & walking you} – i can understand why you might want to eat her, but i am so very glad that you have decided not to. i want to apologize for this drop on the totem pole that you have experienced the last 4 months. i want to apologize for running out of dog food last week because i had no time to get to the grocery story – and feeding you a can of tuna, although i think you liked it better anyways.  &  i also want to apologize for getting mad at you for peeing on her chair. i can understand why you would want her to know that this is YOUR house. i really hope that you can accept her though & not pee on it again {i will not be so forgiving the second time around}. we all got your point the first time. you’re the king of the castle. but now she is the queen, you must share the palace. daddy & i will do our best to split our time equally, or at least 70/30 between the two of you & make sure you are still a happy boy. you were our first child & you’ll always be our little baby too buddy. at least she hasn’t taken your spot at the foot of the bed, think of it that way! we love you gussy.

xx, mom & dad


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  1. Awww, your poor dog. I feel for him. Don’t forget to love him the same as before the baby, if not more.

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