things that make me REALLY happy


day 14 of the challenge: ten things that make you really happy

these are listed in no particular order & i MAY have lumped a few together, but what can i say. a lot of things make me happy!

– madison. the bb. the butterball. my smiley daughter.

– brian. the hubby. the hairypanda. julio sanchez. my partner in crime & my best friend.

– our Christmas’s in Kentucky. time spent with my family. i look forward to it all year.

– craft beer. shiner bock. ruby redbird especially. fransiskaner. all hefeweizen. breckenridge agave wheat. dogfish aprihop. the list goes on & on

– photography. capturing moments. making photo memory books.

– theme parties. dressing up in ridiculous costumes & decorating / cooking for the occasion.

– the fall. sunny days that are warm enough for flip flops but cool enough for a light sweater.

– fashion. sparkles. neon. glitter. hair bows. {i’m making this one category}

– book club & reading {nerd alert} updating my goodreads account is exciting for me.

– food! i am a total foodie. trying new cuisines, experimenting with cooking. making brian try things, and watching the reaction on his face {he’s picky. verrrry very picky}

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  1. i just LOVE theme parties tooo and dressing up with them !!! this definitely makes me happy as well! 🙂

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