dear madison {4 months}

i can’t believe you have been in the world already 4 months. everyone at this point usually says “at the same time i can’t quite remember what life was like before you arrived.” but that’s not true… those silly mommys. i am pretty sure i remember that i had fewer lines around my eyes, my hair was done more often & my body was quite a bit “firmer.” i remember i could go to happy hour after work, or stop in at bloomies w/o alerting the babysitter. i remember making last minute plans with your daddy & staying out too late exploring this city that never sleeps. i remember what it was like before you. but what i can say is that even though i remember all of that, i wouldn’t go back. i wouldn’t trade you for late nights or being beautiful. i wouldn’t trade you for a thing in this world. it’s now our turn to watch you experience the world. we were very good at being young & crazy, but watching you discover things & laugh & grow has been the greatest gift & best experience this life could ever give us. everything else up until we met you was simply preparing us. we now know how to protect you, how to love you, how to teach you. & even though these past 4 months have been hard {no kid you’re not a peach all the time} it has also been rewarding beyond measure. there isn’t really anything else i can say i have done with this life that has had meaning. but you my dear, you are my purpose. & i will spend the rest of my days making sure that you are happy. remember that always. just like i will remember everything before you & treasure all those moments just as much as i always have.

4 month milestones: you’re holding up your head very well on your own – strong baby muscles – you enjoy the hot dog song from mickey’s club house entirely too much, especially when daddy sings it to you – you like to dance around the room & fly on pillows, similar to a magic carpet ride – you drool more than your father when he sleeps {& that’s a lot} – you will sleep out of your swaddle sometimes, although you still prefer the burrito – you love the morning, like LOVE LOVE LOVE it – you still don’t take many naps, too much world to see i guess. too much living to do – you like the sound of your own voice & are very talkative – you still continue to make us laugh every day! & oh yeah, we love you =)

4 month
dragons are tasty

and of course day 15 of the challenge: a day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day – this could be “a photo an hour” if you’d like)        I’ll fill this out as i go today!

6:00 am madison stirs. it starts with little grunts & squeaks to alert us “mommy & daddy i am awake in here” – i  squeeze in another 15-20 min nap then crying “get the hell in here i said i’m awake!”


7:00 am madison eats & plays! i  wash bottles, check emails & wonder if i will get in a shower today {turns out today i did not}


8:00 am heading to work – coffee is a must. they always get my name wrong even though i am there every single day. who is helen?


9:00 am arrive at work, check emails, bang head on keyboard


10:00 am conference call


11:00 am pumping! oh the joys of being a working mom still breastfeeding. i will spare you the photo for 11am

12:00 pm team meeting & summer analyst schedules


1:00 pm lunch time usually consists of a local food truck. food trucks make me happy. today it is


2:00 pm check my fantasy baseball team, blog, personal sanity check


3:00pm pumping again…

4:00pm emails emails emails

photo (4)

5:00 pm time to head home! subway rush hour is always lovely

6:00 pm playtime w/ baby girl

7:00 pm fussy time with baby girl

8:00 pm madison goes to bed, mommy makes dinner & washes bottles & does laundry

9:00 pm relaxation

10:00 pm bed time

11:00 pm sleeeeeeep

12:00 am wake up when brian gets home & pray to god madison doesn’t wake up

1:00 am-6:00 am sleep {most nights} sometimes we have an appearance from madison for a feeding in there

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