real housewives of the nypd

day 16 of the challenge something difficult about your “lot in life” and how you’re working to overcome it

well, i’ve discussed this before briefly. probably not in as much as detail as anybody cares about, but since the question has been presented here goes… being a cop’s wife is difficult. not as difficult as being a cop & the things that they have to deal with on a daily basis, but being the family behind a cop has it’s challenges as well. brian works the 3pm-midnight shift & i work a 9-5. we see each other at 8:20 am every morning when i bring madison into bed to watch mickey mouse clubhouse wit him. i sit on the edge of the bed & relay anything from the previous night, when she ate last, which bottles to use in the fridge that i made for him, anything that needs to get done for the day, etc. then i kiss all three of my babies and i head out the door. i see him again around 12:30 am when he crawls into bed. i used to get up with him & talk about his day & mine & spend time together but lately we’re both too tired to get in much time. usually a “how was your day” & then we’re both in dream land. he works this shift 5 days, then he has 3 days off, then he works this shift 5 days and then he has 2 days off, so his days off constantly rotate. this means that he also doesn’t have many weekends off. only once every 3.5 months. & holidays, forget about it! he gets what is known as a “holiday squad” where they get all the good holidays off once every three years. otherwise – i just expect to be alone, or i guess now – with madison. this schedule has been very tough on us. it was tough on us before the baby, it’s very tough now. trying to maintain a loving & happy marriage when you’re exhausted & never see each other is hard. it’s hard to communicate well through texts & phone calls, and minimal face time. HOWEVER, we make it work. we have always made it work. we text constantly, we send each other pictures, we try to include each other in our daily lives apart from each other as much as possible. i think about him all day every day & because of technology we are able to share everything even though we aren’t sitting next to each other. his arms may not be able to hold me all the time but his words surround me. sometimes i don’t even know if he realizes how much i appreciate it. it would be very easy for us to get off track & to talk less – love less – but i think we are doing a great job. i think we’re being great parents, albeit we’re like single parents sometimes on different schedules – but i think we are doing an amazing job maintaining our relationships. being in love. being parents. being friends. it is something we work at every day, and i pray we never give up on each other. love you bri


2 Comments Add yours

  1. whitney says:

    I love your post. So sweet.

  2. Brian says:

    I love you too babe!

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