favorite photo? how will i ever choose…

day 17 of the challenge a favorite photo of yourself and why


this is {one of} my favorite photos of myself because i think a great photo should capture an intimate moment. not a staged “look here & smile” moment but one that you feel like you are witnessing without the person’s knowledge. almost an intrusion. & i think this smile on my face & this look captures my love for my husband. this was right when the nypd pipes & drums made their appearance at our wedding. it was my gift to brian, and he had no idea. i’ve said it once & i will say it a million times but to see a big smile on that handsome face of his is what i strive for every day. this was the happiest day of my life. without THIS day, there wouldn’t have even been a madison. our wedding was the catalyst for the rest of our lives together. i am also very partial to THIS photo {below} even though it’s smiley / posed =) and well, simply b/c we look good here kid! ha! thank you kristen for all of our amazing photos & captured memories. xx



and in other parts of my life i’m having an instagram @mrstoes giveaway today for chloe + isabel pave hedgehog earrings, they are adorbs! follow me on instagram to enter!!! you can enter daily until sunday at midnight, when a winner will be chosen


4 Comments Add yours

  1. twiggy says:

    I love that the 2 of you look like hired models in the middle of a random day…but you’re real!! Love that last photo!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love those pictures! Your dress is so pretty! I like candid moments too. Stopping by from the linkup! 🙂

  3. whitney says:

    AMAZING wedding dress and photo.

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