squeezing out a childhood memory…

day 18 of the challenge tell a story from your childhood. dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

the most vivd memory i have of my childhood is my brother’s 16th birthday, which would have made me 6 years old. if you have an older sibling then you will understand this post. you’ll understand how you think {or at least at some point thought} they are the coolest thing in the entire world. i thought {and still think} my brother is the cat’s meow. i wanted to do everything just like he did, and be everywhere he was. i was most likely a gnat floating around him that he wished he could swat away because he was this ultra cool teenager & i was a runty 6 year old with big red rimmed glasses. but never the less he couldn’t get rid of me that easily. & on his 16th birthday his g/f at the time threw him a surprise party in our basement. i remember being really super excited & trying to be sneaky allllll day because i knew about it & i wasn’t supposed to tell him. a 6 year old trying to hide suspicious giggles is no easy task. BUT i didn’t spill the beans. he came home that night & they had staged it so my mom would yell at him for not doing his laundry & send him to the basement to get it done – this was plausible because our mother is a NEAT freak. not doing your laundry or cleaning your room was grounds for a butt kicking. so head lowered, on his birthday down to the basement he went to do laundry… when SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEE everyone was down there for his big birthday bash, everybody but me… they told me i couldn’t go because it wasn’t for little kids. i remember being so sad, to this day clearly lol. i sat at the top of the basement stairs all night & listened until i fell asleep. i wasn’t budging so my parents left me. & after the party ended i remember my brother scooping me up & carrying me to bed. i slept in his bed that night with him and he let me watch bevis & butthead {sorry mom, it’s todd’s fault} & i remember going to sleep happy that he hadn’t forgotten about me after all. i don’t remember much about being little but i remember that birthday, & when i think about it i remember just how much i love my brother. & just how much i idolized him growing up. today’s challenge is even more appropriate for today because he currently just left for a training job overseas to a dangerous area. todd is x-military. his work is still risky & i worry for him all the time. stay safe big brother, i love you. always have always will. xx, the queen



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