blog stalk & our first family 5k!

day 19 of the challenge five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

MODG – i believe the author is my mommy soul mate. it makes me giggle all the time & i total relate to her. she isn’t afraid to say all the things the rest of us moms are thinking. she is hysterical – i can relate to her “about me” when she says her blog’s goal is to find a way to have both your martinis and diaper genies. Except not at the same time. And don’t put the martini IN the diaper genie. if you are a mom – add her to your blog roll immediately!


fairy tales are true – sarah makes everything seem whimsical & beautiful. her blog is full of amazing pictures, words of wisdom & inspiration to many {just read the comments left & you will see} she is also an amazing example of faith & overcoming great obstacles in life. i relate to her “about me” when she says i‘ve got a big crush on my husband & i am a celebrate-a-holic. i celebrate everything =)


atlantic pacific – for my fashion advice & ideas… blair is totally creative & unique & i want to raid her closet


running on happiness – katie is beautiful, bright & fun. i enjoy her outfits/fashion posts, her happiness diary, her adorable puppies & her tutorials {i’ve learned how to do a hair bow!} — i can relate to her “about me” where she says she sometimes likes to dance in the middle of a grocery store aisle, b/c well… ME TOO {brian runs away from me immediately when this happens}


journeys of commitment – lauren is an inspiration, an amazing writer & a truly faithful woman of God. her posts usually bring tears to my eyes. she can capture a moment with words far better than anyone else i have ever met. i wish i had her gift!


and in other parts of my life… today we ran in the NYPD memorial 5k to support our hubbies! the 5k is in memorandum of fallen officers & the money goes for scholarships for any children of an NYPD Member of the Service who died in the line of duty. we made shirts that said the real housewives of the nypd and have been tweeting andy cohen all day suggestion a new bravo show. i mean we’d be entertaining to say the least 🙂 madison even had her own special shirt – the real DAUGHTER of the NYPD. minus the pouring rain it was a great day spent with friends supporting a great cause. thanks for everyone who joined our race team!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Whitney says:

    how adorable is your family!

    1. MrsToes says:

      oh thank you whitney! they def keep me going everyday! xx

  2. crystal says:

    These blogs are great! I don’t have kids yet, but even I can appreciate the humor of MODG and congrats on running the 5k!

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