if we are up in time for octonauts… it’s too early


day 20 of the challenge get real. share something you’re struggling with right now.

i’m going to be very literal with this post & tell you about something i am struggling with right this minute: keeping my eyes open! i’m pretty sure i slept walked {is that even correct?} the entire way to work with a baby strapped to my chest & a backpack strapped to my back. i looked like a huge round pod creating my own bubble. if i spun around in circles i could have taken out at least 3 people in my vicinity {think tasmanian devil when he really gets going} and i LOOK like the little fur ball t.devil also. my hair was “air dried” last night since i did not have time to dry it of course, we barely had time to shower & if you know me at all then you know what sort of a lions mane i had this morning. it’s frightening to see. there was NO way possible to straighten this mess, so that hair had to go up into a top knot however when it’s out of control wavy & frizzed it doesn’t want to stay – so let’s just say it’s “art” on my head, creative & messy & a lot of hairspray. i then put on my work pants that haven’t been washed {sorry it’s true} along with a shirt i THINK was clean, then madison spit up on it as i was leaving. i used a wipe, sniffed it and determined it was acceptable to leave in since there was no time to change. but wait let’s back up to the sleep walking.. madison didn’t sleep last night, like AT ALL — this is not her usual style, she is a sleeper! she woke up around midnight when brian got home & he went to feed her so i could sleep a little. well, let me just tell you, then a half hour later i was awoken to “KELLY KELLY KELLY” madison had puked everywhere. & i mean everywhere. crib, carpet, brian… it was def a two person clean up job lol – i think she chugged her bottle a little too fast & just decided whelp that was too much milk. she smiled afterward as if to say “teehee, did i do that?” & so there was mattress cleaning, sheet changing, clothes changing, hosing off of baby, diaper changing & at that point, she was hungry again. party girl was in full effect last night, maybe she hung out with her aunt beth too much this weekend! i did get her to fall asleep in two different 1 hour increments between the hours of 12am-6am but only if i held her in my arms. there was no putting her back down last night, so i slept sitting up with my head falling off a pillow holding little bebe in my arms. needless to say this is why i was sleep walking this morning – & this is why i am currently struggling to keep my eyes open. i would love to lay down my little head on top of my keyboard and take a nap. hopefully nobody smells my puked on shirt or notices my disheveled appearance. if anyone wants to come do my laundry tonight, or bring me a milkshake & a cup of coffee, that would be lovely. thanks. xoxo, tired mama


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  1. Lilybett says:

    Oh I very much agree with your post title. The only thing that makes it any better is that my Dear Boy is now old enough to call out “Mummy!”.

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