madison’s first trip to the zoo & then exposing myself

on wednesday we decided to take a trip to the bronx zoo. i have been wanting to go to the zoo since i moved to NYC & couldn’t ever quite get brian to agree to go. however NOW that we have the babe, it’s so much easier to get him to do things heehee. i told him madison wanted to go & he just can’t tell her no — & yes i know that she won’t remember it, but it was very stimulating for her & well WE will remember it! she enjoyed the animals we could get up close to, mostly in the children’s zoo and the prairie dogs simply BLEW HER MIND! we also rode a camel {it took me 30 years to do this, it took her only 4 months} & we rode on a carousel – that, she did not enjoy. the face of terror came out as soon as it started. i think it was because it is a BUG carousel – i mean who likes bugs? not me! even though we rode a lady bug, those creatures were still kind of scary. daddy was a great photographer and we captured a few fun memories.




day 24 of the challenge – your top 3 worst traits

yippee, so glad i get to reveal the worst things about myself to the WORLD. thanks Jenni! i don’t often find many flaws in myself {wait does this count as one of the worst things about myself?} however if i must look internally for this blog challenge, i will do so. numero uno, i worry way too much. about everything. things out of my control, things 10 years from now. i just worry. i have inherited this defective gene from my mother. i carry into all facets of my life. i get terrible anxiety over it. numero dos, i am stubborn. like really really stubborn. i will not budge sometimes even when i should. if i think i am right, i will want to prove you wrong, and i won’t be able to stop. it’s like verbal diarrhea sometimes. & it is especially bad when i am stubborn with my husband – also because he just as headstrong as i am. we can butt heads like billy goats. somebody always ends up a little bruised, and although we recover, it’s something WE and I should work on. numero tres, i try to do too much. i am always trying to do things for people, so much that sometime i get overwhelmed and/or it comes across as i’m trying to hard. this is one of those backward answers like an interview question but it’s true. i’m constantly offering to do things that i may or may not have time to do because i don’t want to let anyone down. i probably need to learn to say no more often, but i’m no good at it. i am sure there are many more traits i possess that aren’t the greatest, but feel free to not share those with me =)

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  1. “The prairie dogs BLEW HER MIND.”

    Best line ever. And numero uno and tres are me. I feel ya sista.

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