#nerdalert, mdw & a big fat thank you!


day 26 of the challenge something you read online. leave a link and discuss, if you’d like.

i read a lot of things & often. usually i read online from my nook. i am in a few book clubs #nerdalert & i actually ENJOY reading post school – probably because i can choose my own books now! i have about 1 million titles on my “too read” list on goodreads where i keep track of everything. i am currently reading defending jacob by william landay. if you’re looking for a good read this summer here is a list of a recent favorites:

& TODAY is day 27 of the challenge: a letter to your readers

first of all i never thought that so many people would read this blog. it started out as an escape & it has become an outlet to share my life with friends & family near & far. i have even made NEW friends that i have never even met, but i feel like i know. & i have received so much positive feedback it is overwhelming. i can’ t say thank you enough! it means the world to me when someone tells me that something i had to say impacted their life, or helped them or made them laugh. i hope that everyone knows that i am an open book & literally what you see is what you get. i am here for any criticism or questions always & i will always be honest. thank you – thank you – thank you for reading & for caring about my little family. & now to stay true to me, here is something i hope makes you laugh… madison has discovered here fingers and those things are in her mouth 24-7. the drool mess she makes is disgusting, but today in her stroller i look down and she has her pinky-middle fingers in her mouth & her pointer finger straight up her nose – she’s quite the multi-tasker! #sopissediwasntfasterwithmyiphone

happy memorial day weekend y’all!!!



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  1. and she looked ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS DOING IT p.s. you always make me smile if not by your blogs, your messages or pics xoxo

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