letting go

day 30 of the challengereact to this term: letting go

i’ve been stuck on this post all day long & how i want to proceed with it. what i am finding is that i am having a hard time distinguishing the differences between “letting go” and “letting things go” — i am not good at letting things go. i have been known to have an endless memory of events & conversations that i use to bring up when in a state of argument. if you do something once i will probably side with my memory & assume you will do it again. brian gets the worst of this bad trait of mine. if we have an argument, i will pull things from previous arguments and/or events in our life that make my side of the argument more “presentable” — this is a bad thing. i need to leave the past in the past & move forward. i have a very VERY hard time doing this. & i’m not sure why. moving forward is a good thing, a progression but i tend to get stuck. if i could let go of more i would surely be a much happier person & i hope that i can continue to improve on this, especially with you bri. i know you know this best of all about me & you STILL put up with me =) thank you for that. xx


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