i hope we can be naked all summer


& by we i mean madison & i… yes me too. because i can not possibly take any more skin to skin contact in this 90 degree weather. how in the WORLD are we supposed to keep cool… first of all we live in nyc where central air is a foreign language. we have window units, when i first moved here i had no idea what those boxes in the windows were. i’ve have never lived anywhere before NY where central air wasn’t just standard operating procedure. same goes for heat & the squeaking scalding hot radiators… neither are ideal & let me just tell you, it doesn’t cool down as well either. there is also the fact that the geniuses who designed these places made it so there are no outlets anywhere near the windows, so it requires cords under couches & rugs & then a power surge just to have ANY air conditioning. & plugging an AC into a power surge, whelp that’s an issue also – not only is unsafe but it causes the AC to constantly turn it self off or short circuit everything plugged-in in the room. sometimes to be cool we have to just turn off all the lights & the tv & the computer & just bask in the blowing glory  of the 12 inches of space it cools off. i literally tear my clothes off and go stand in front of it every time i walk into the room. needless to say the shades have to be drawn in the summer as well. so all of these issues are just MY issues with the heat, now we throw a baby into the mix! a winter baby at that who has never experienced heat before & is clearly like WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO DO ME PUTTING ME INTO THE OVEN?!? & she doesn’t want to wear any clothes, or even a diaper but if we have a diaper off for more than 5 seconds we have pee on everything, so diapers are necessary. but then we are both naked & being hot maker her want to be held — because that makes sense? oh wait, no it does not…. i don’t ever want to be held when i am hot – i want brian as far away on his side of the bed as humanely possible when i am hot, but madison wants to be in my arms, so we are two naked, sweating humans sticking together & i don’t even mind her drool because it cools me off. then you have gus, who wants to cuddle & sit on my lap. & to top it all off i burned mac & cheese. let me repeat i BURNED MAC & CHEESE! i didn’t even know this was possible. i am blaming the heat for evaporating all of the water too quickly because honestly, i still don’t believe it. i am not quite sure how we are ever going to make it through summer & it is only June 1st. tomorrow we are going to toys r us and getting a kiddy pool to fill up – in the living room. and we’re both going to sit in it & watch sophia the first.

tummy time

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  1. please send a pic lol……..BTW I love Sophia!

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