happy first father’s day to my husband & 29th father’s day to my daddy


i was very excited for this. brian’s first father’s day!! thinking back, when the two of us talk about the present day we are like WOW, can you believe how far we have come? that we are married & now parents? we look at her each & every day & i still can’t believe that we made her… that she came from us. it is a hard thing to process sometimes. it really is life’s greatest miracle. & oh how she adores him! madison thinks brian is the funniest human in the world. she laughs at every smile & every sound he makes. she reaches out her little arms & hands for him if he is nearby & not close enough. she loves to grab his face & beep his nose. she plays with his rhino horn & scratches his head. if he leaves the room, she follows him with her eyes. she is her daddy’s girl. his mini me. his princess. she has him wrapped around her tiny fingers already. he would do anything for her & she is so lucky to have him. i believe something happened to him the moment he saw her. i think he softened, like melting butter. he looked at her & he realized that this was what everything else was leading up to. he was holding his future. he was cradling his world. he was the first person that she saw & the two eyes looking back at him would forever see him as her rock. she needed him from the moment she was born. there is no greater love than that – no finer view. there is nothing better that we can be, than her parents. he is already a wonderful man & a wonderful father. i can’t wait to watch her grow up with him. i know he will be her biggest fan. i feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have them in my life & to watch their connection. happy father’s day brian. you are the greatest. madison loves you so much, and so do i

& to my daddy. i am so glad that brian & i had a little girl. i know just how close you and i are & that is what i pray that madison & brian have. you’ve always taught me to be myself, to believe in God & in family, to always work a little harder, that the path less traveled isn’t the easiest but has the greatest rewards & that love trumps everything else. i wouldn’t be anything without & your guidance. you are the best. AND i know you will spoil madison to death & love every second of it. she’s going to love growing up with you grandpa. show her the good stuff. & you can have daddy/granddaughter days before you know it!

& all i keep thinking about is this song, and it’s so true… everything i know you taught me — & of course the ‘i lost every time i fought her” haha – love you daddy, to the moon and back!

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  1. Mom says:

    Sweet. Yes he did lose every time. Like the song.

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