madison becomes a foodie


today, after much coaxing from our doctor that madison was very ready to start trying solids, we tried some rice cereal. i have been exclusively breast feeding & was planning on doing so until at least 6 months but after our second doctor’s visit where they wanted us to try her on it, i gave in. she has been so hungry lately, i felt like maybe she was just ready. & BOY was she ever! she LOVED it & she ate a ton! i mixed a little to begin because i wasn’t sure whether or not she’d be ready or like it. & this stuff is just gross. it is basically the consistency of glue & just as sticky. who would think this stuff is delicious? someone who has never had food in their life i suppose ha! but if she loves this so much i’m not sure what she will do when we start giving her the “good stuff” — she’s going to be 8,000 pounds. at least i will have a little foodie friend. & we ended up mixing a second bowl also & when we were done with that she was angry that we stopped altogether hah! but i wasn’t sure how much her little tummy could handle for the first time so i didn’t keep going. i mean, i don’t know anything about this, do babies know when they are full?! or do they just stuff themselves to max capacity like her daddy & i? or will she be even worse like gus? gus will eat until he literally pukes, and then he will eat his puke… he doesn’t know when to say when.

we will try this for a few weeks then move on to some more exotic selections… likes peas & bananas {of which peas have to go first because who in the world would want peas after you have had bananas?!?} & i can’t wait for these diapers!! because good lord this morning after the cereal i have never smelled something so foul… i hope she poops again before her dad leaves for work so he can experience the wonders of real food poop today also!


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  1. LKP says:

    So great! Eat up, baby girl!

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