30 is three perfect 10’s

thirty. dirty. flirty. three perfect tens. still the best time of our life. today jackie turns 30! i am not far behind her either. this is the year — & i still feel younger than i thought i would. as the year has approached i have said a lot “i can’t believe i’m going to be 30” but really what is age other than a number? we still enjoy high heels & neon & theme parties. we still love to stay out way to late drinking wine & talking about our lives & in jackie’s case… channing tatum. we still have plans for our futures – we don’t believe we have moved into them. there is still wiggle room. we aren’t reminiscing yet we are still looking forward. a good sign of youth. we still gchat & facebook & instagram {& now instavideo} — we are still hip. still cool. still “with it.” i don’t believe that this year will change us one bit.i believe i am still evolving & that this is just another chapter in my life. today i am thinking about my own 30th approaching BUTTTT, to my friend…

jax you’re still as fun & wonderful & beautiful as you always have been & i can’t wait to share the next 30 years. & always remember to keep your head, heels & standards high! xo

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