sweet potato pie


today i rode the subway thinking this is a great day. i woke up late, to a rainy filled sky &  it was a fire drill to get myself ready – madison fed & changed – the bottles washed & made for the day – i left with my toothbrush & makeup to do at work – a coffee stain & drool on my shirt & my hair in a messy bun, hair sprayed so much i feel like my grandma with her aqua net.  BUT before i walked out of the house i saw the smile on our baby girl’s face as brian fed her some sweet potatoes. they were playing with each other – his goofy grin setting off hers & vice versa. if everyday can begin with them – then there will never be such a thing as a bad day. every day will be a blessing & an adventure. & what more could one possibly want out of life than that?!

sweet potatoes sweet potatoes-3 sweet potatoes-5 sweet potatoes-8 sweet potatoes-11 sweet potatoes-12 sweet potatoes-16

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