happy birthday ‘merica!


we had an amazing fourth of july weekend! brian, as you all know, never has weekends off, let alone a HOLIDAY WEEKEND?!? it was foreign territory, i wasn’t sure what to do with myself other than giggle with excitement. we decided a bbq was immediately in order & headed up to goshen to celebrate with his side of the family & some friends. madison was none too pleased with the heat but slowly made her way into her birthday suit and was a little more comfortable. her outfit however was adorable enough to make it through the first half of the party. although a baby in a diaper & sparkly head bow … that’s a close second in cuteness points. it’s so nice to just relax together as a family. & let madison play with some friends. the baby pool is growing. it’s spreading like wildfire, or a disease (depending on who you ask) – i see lots of play dates & anxiety filled weekends with little girls running around in our future. brian might need to invest in some ear plugs & a tea party outfit or two.

but happy birthday america! thank you to all those who serve our great country & allow us to enjoy this land of the free. we are so very very blessed.

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