mom & dad’s first mini vacay


i am a STRONG believer that when you have children you still need to do the things that you loved doing before they arrived. i am a realist & i understand you can’t do EVERYTHING you did before, but i think that your own personal happiness & the sustainability of your marriage depend on it. i have too many friends that went into hibernation after they had children & i always wondered if they are miserable. brian & i agreed before we had madison that we would not let having a baby make us any less fun. any less crazy. any less young at heart. people just can’t handle our fun. we enjoy life, we love to be social, we love to be with each other, we love things outside of our baby – although she is the center of our world – she is not the only thing in it. but we both believe that this is crucial to our family’s happiness. to each his own.

but this weekend, we decided since brian had a few days off that we were also going to take a few days off from being mommy & daddy & just be husband & wife. just be two young kids with a long weekend & some good weather ahead of us. so we went to the beach with our friends. it was a wonderful time & fully recharged us to be ready for madison when we got back. jackie’s parents have a house in normandy beach & we don’t get down to the shore too often. we joined them all down there on a friday for a fun filled weekend full of over-sized rafts in the bay, paddle boarding, beers, sun burns, hot tubs, seafood, ice cream, mudslides & flip cup. throw in some beach waves & some neon to top it off & you’ve got a beach party weekend!


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