visit from uncle todd


being that my family lives so far away from us, you can understand my excitement when i heard my brother was going to be in town for a few days! i hate that i have to share madison through face chat and photos. they don’t get to hold her or hear her giggles or see her smiles nearly as often as they should. i know they want to be here for every moment and i wish they could be also. my biggest fear is that my daughter will grow up not knowing enough about them. i want her to know her uncle is a big teddy bear & will always protect her. anyone that were to mess with her between brian, todd & my dad would have to consider leaving the country. i want her to know her grandpa thinks she is the light in this world. he wanted her to be a little girl so badly, because he knew how sweet she would be. i want her to know that her grandma calls her “her baby” & has ousted her actual baby (ME) from that title. she calls everyday to check on her. i want her to know that her cousins post pictures of her on instagram & wish they could play with her more often. i want her to know her great grandmother is so grateful she is here to witness having another great grandchild & that she wishes she could hold her more & see her grow. when madison looks back i just want her to know these things even though she may not see that side of her family as often. she is still in their daily thoughts & prayers. she has brought many smiles to our family’s faces this year. a baby will do that. i hope that she knows all of these things & grows up to appreciate them. i will do everything in my power to make that happen.

but all that being said, we had a great visit with uncle todd. i wish he could have stayed longer! but he was able to get in his peek-a-boo time, tickles, hugs, kisses & feedings. his only reluctance “uncle todd has changed enough diapers. i don’t do diapers” —  & madison is going to get a lot of family time this month, as we are flying for the first time to texas next week to see my parents. my anxiety level is at an all time high over this flight. i am so excited to take her there & to see them but i just need to make it through the flight first. then we can enjoy ourselves. everyone cross your fingers for us that madison is a good girl. & that my heart doesn’t explode over the stress. i already bit off all my finger nails…

uncle todd-5uncle todd-4uncle todd-3uncle todd-2

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Me says:

    So sweet. You are still my baby. Love u

  2. Daddy says:

    I wish we were closer too. We love Madison very much and send her lots of kisses. Im really glad her grandma and grandpa Williams and their family are close by to give her plenty of first hand love. Can’t wait for her to get to Texas!!

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