hungry for life

everyone says they want their kid to be the president of the united states, or a baby genius, baby model, baby superstar… everybody wants their kid to be the best of the best at everything. if your kid can juggle at 4 months old then mine did it at 3.5 months old, DUH… but in reality all our kids are setting their own pace. they are dictating the speed here & i think that is great. i don’t think if madison rolls over before someone your baby that makes her a braniac & i don’t think that because she smiles on command she will be the next gerber baby. i think she will be another little human in a big big world making a name for herself. & i think whatever she wants that to be is just fine. but i DO hope that she learns to play just as hard as she works. i hope she is eager to learn. but i also hope she skips an all nighter to be with her friends sometimes. i hope she drives with the windows down & has messy hair & erratic dreams. i hope that she learns to enjoy every moment. & realizes that you can’t ever retrieve a wasted moment. i want her to take a bite of everything & try everything that the world has to offer. i don’t want her to look back one day at her life & think “well why didn’t i do that?” i want her to be wild & free & restless. i want her to be hungry for life. i want her to celebrate everything! & to realize that life is about family & the people you meet & the experiences you have. i don’t want her to take anything too seriously, especially herself. i want her to able to laugh & dance in the rain & jump in puddles. i want her to be spontaneous & to break the mold a little bit. THESE are the things i wish for her. i want her to enjoy her one wild & precious life. i simply cannot wait to see everything that she becomes.

i promise i will always be here as a guiding light whenever you need it baby girl. i hope you take a piece of me & your daddy with you to all the places you will go.

crib time-2

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