this is why i love my city (warning: for mature eyes only)


where else can you find naked people painting themselves in the streets? these, slightly less than toned bodies, were hanging out around 54th & 8th last night being painted & observed by your favorite nyc tourists. i almost missed this magical moment at first because i assumed it was just some celebrity that had caught the eye of the camera wielding walking tours but alas i caught a glimpse of a saggy butt cheek through the crowd & it instantly drew me in. it was like a car accident where you really want to look away but you just can’t. instead you have to whip out your iphone & join the party because you’ve GOT to text this gem to your husband. who was by the way so grateful i sent him these wonderful photos (insert sarcasm here) but nothing really surprises you anymore after you live here for awhile. people peeing on the sidewalk, break dancers on the subways, the random yogis performing their mantras on every corner (downward dogs all the place around here), the old guy who is always walking around midtown in a pimp outfit with a huge purple velvet hat, platform boots & a cane, i honestly don’t really look twice anymore at such normality, but this one threw me. congrats to you naked street people for being awesome enough to make me stop my day & pull out my iphone! i hope you enjoyed a cozy evening in lock up last night & kept each other warm.

nakednaked 2

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