to have & to hold…

& someone to be there even when you get old. someone to love you in good times & in bad. to pick you up when you’re down. to support your dreams even when they seem erratic. to hold your hair back when you’re puking, or make you soup when you’re sick. that person who gets to see you at your absolute best & your absolute worst. they know the person that nobody else out there knows. they put up with the morning breath & the grumpy mood swings & the downright “youness” in order to savor those other beautiful moments where you can look at each other & smile because you know what each other are thinking. those inside jokes, the feeling that you are not entirely two halves anymore but one.  those butterflies you still get in your stomach when you see each other. & all of this is a choice. i think that is what makes marriage & love so insanely beautiful. you aren’t born into this union, you CHOOSE it. you decide this person is the one who is allowed to open you up inside & out. you lean on them, you love them, you trust them… with everything. forever is a very long time.


i just love weddings. i love everything about them. for all of these reasons & more. when we go to a wedding, i’m reminded about our own wedding day & it was the best day of my life (if you’re thinking MADISON should be the best day of my life….that day wouldn’t have come without this one) – if you know my husband you know he is not necessarily a “romantic” — but he is the love of my life. he is my choice & i would choose him again in heartbeat. he knows me. down to my very last insecurity. & i cherish that. i hope that everyone can find someone they can spend their whole lives loving. & i know when we were in annapolis this weekend, those two will spend their whole lives loving each other. i often times can anticipate when my friends are going to get married. they’ve been together so long that sometimes it just seems like the next step, but i don’t always think to myself… “wow, they are perfect for each other.”  but with these two, that is exactly what i think, every single time i think of them. they support each other in warm way. christina is his number one fan & bryan would do anything for her. you can tell a lot by hearing someone talk about their spouse when they aren’t present. these two think each other hung the moon. they both genuinely have expressed how lucky they are to have each other & THAT is love at is finest. being humble & grateful. i have always been a big time fan of them together & i couldn’t be more excited that they’ll be together forever now.

thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you both. xo


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