a girl’s gotta EAT!


& i take this rule to heart. i am not so much an eat to sustain life kind of girl but more of an enjoy every last morsel that i come in contact with because it tastes so good i will make my belly hurt to finish this off kind of girl. that being said… since the baby my foodie radar has been at an all time low. this might be the hardest thing for me to cope with post pregnancy; my lack of food explorations in this city that i love. new york city is truly a mecca for foodies. we have everything. if you’re craving tibetan momos at 11pm you know you can run down to the east village & stop in tsampa. if you need cajun mac & cheese at 1am you can go to murray hill & eat your face off at s’mac (one of my all-time favorite spots). if you wake up craving biscuits covered in sausage gravy or comfort food to make your stomach dance for joy, you take the train to the UWS to jacob’s pickles (another of my all-time favorites). good luck choosing just one thing from that menu… these are the reasons i love my city. i miss brunch. i miss dinners. i miss my food!!! so i am going to make a list of the places that i have been meaning to go & i’m going to make plans to GO! madison hold onto your diaper because we’re about to go restaurant crazy. here are the rules: there is no crying, no grabbing things off the table & throwing them, no spitting or drooling on other customers and no no no blowouts while dining! we will leave happy & clean & giggling. here are the plans:

Salumeria Rosi – italian, small plates/tapas, wine bar

          * i’ve got my eye on the gnocchi hand-rolled fresh ricotta and goat cheese gnocchi with roasted garlic, fresh tomatoes and basil.

Briskettown – they offer 3-4 smoked meats daily, seasonally driven sides & house made pies

Lure Fishbar – sushi bar & seafood in soho

          * i’ve got my eye on the grilled jumbo prawns w/ thai curry, forbidden rice & hearts of palm

Pok Pok – casual thai

          * i’ve got my eye on the khanom jiin sao naam – central thai thin rice vermicelli topped with minced fresh pineapple, ginger, green mango, dry shrimp, thai chilies, garlic, topped with a sweet / sour dressing and coconut cream

Tortilleria Nixtamal – mexican. authentic style.

          * i’ve got my eye on the napales tacos – roasted cactus, tomato, with oaxaca cheese

The Red Head – comfort food inspired by local farmer’s market

          * i’ve got my eye on the bacon peanut brittle & the buttermilk fried chicken w/ market greens, strawberries, almonds, cornbread

Sugar & Plumm – boutique bistro.  artisan macaron-maker & chocolatier {like what?!? drool}

          * i’ve got my eye on the apple tatin waffles  w/ roasted apples, vanilla bean ice cream, salted caramel

Colicchio & Sons – new American cuisine

          * i’ve got my eye on the 30-day dry-aged sirloin with golden nugget potatoes

Freemans – early american. simple, rustic & inspired by old world traditions

          * I’ve got my eye on the five cheese macaroni & the herb chicken with chili-glazed heirloom carrots & charred-onion mayonnaise

The Lambs Club – fancy pants new american

* i’ve got my eye on the roast cod w/ artichoke, polenta, castelvetrano, crispy garlic & grilled ramp vinaigrette

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