madison’s first yankees game

labor day weekend ended with yankees tickets. we had been waiting all year for a day game that brian had off for so we could take madison to her first game. so was super excited (as you can tell from the photos…) and she was so good at the game. the only downside was the rain!! of COURSE it would rain! but she didn’t seem to mind. she gnawed on a french fry & crumbled it all over my lap. she tried her first dippin dot (which she liked a little TOO much & she was not pleased when we ate the rest without sharing) she went through the roll call, she saw her first run scored & she put on a show for everyone, smiling away then shying back & burying her face in my chest. she enjoys playing this game now – she’s a little flirt – & her headband was a special order from jameson monroe which received so many compliments! thank you again chelsea, she loved it!! until next year yankee stadium!


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