HELLO time… can you slow down please?!

i haven’t had much time for blogging lately. between a full time job, being a full time wife (+ a sick husband recently), a full time mama & a full time friend (or maybe part-time lately) life has just been flying by. & i hate it!!! insert “wahhhhhhh” here & me taking too many pictures of madison to count. she seems to discover something new everyday & change in little ways that maybe only brian & i notice but i just wish i could somehow bottle up this time & be able to bring it out whenever i want it. don’t you wish you could cork a memory & then let it spill out to savor again sometime? i have a lot of those moments lately. & i just keep thinking that some day she won’t let me do this. some day she won’t want to cuddle or be held. she won’t want to be kissed all over & tickled. she won’t want to be in my arms. & i am taking in every single second lately. bottling these smells, these laughs these days. almost 8 months. i can not believe it.

hello matte-3hello matte-5hello matte-6hello matte-7hello matte-9


tank top / baby onesie / glitter camo headband

2 Comments Add yours

  1. MiMi says:

    Bottle them up they go FAST xoxo

  2. Daddy says:

    Love the camo headband!. Gonna be Grandpa’s huntin buddy

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