if i could relive that day

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.
can i be cliche & say my wedding day? yup… it’s my blog i do what i want (i club baby seals). & i pick my wedding day. when will i have everyone i love all in one room ever again? when will i ever see brian’s face look at me the way it looked at me that day? when will i ever have an excuse to dress up so fancy & be pampered & twirl around all day long & just be a girl in love without a care in the world? when will i ever be that skinny again?? LOL — but in all honesty if i could relieve that day everyday & bottle it up, i would. i would also like a second chance to do everything i meant to do & forgot! a few pictures i meant to take, the cake i meant to eat, the chocolate fountain i didn’t even SEE (how is this even possible), the dances i didn’t dance with family members & friends. i followed around my husband like an excited puppy & i stared at his expressions as each piece of the night unfolded. his smile & his laughter infect me with a certain intoxication that can not be cured. i love to make him happy. i know that i had such a rich & amazing life before him but i truly feel that my story began with him (& madison). the adventure we are on makes each day the best day ever.

wed 2wed

andddddddddddd speaking of weddings… congratulations to our good friends kate & pedro on their wedding this past weekend. pedro you officially “can’t take it back” & you are stuck with that eyebrow obsessing weirdo & her time to go home face! you have your hands full hehe. but honestly, these two are the best. kate still giggles when she texts with him, they still hold hands (after all these years…) they genuinely enjoy each others company & i wish you guys both a lifetime of bilingual happiness – full of soccer, martha’s bakery, arepas, taco trucks & cuddling to the point of making other people want to vomit 🙂 here’s to you!! (& a super fun wedding!!!)

felicitaciones. una vida de amor y felicidad!

KP weddingKP wedding-16KP wedding-17KP wedding-26KP wedding-46KP wedding-36KP wedding-54KP wedding-53KP wedding-47

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lauren says:

    I love this memory for Blogtember!!
    LINK UP on my blog today too!! Xoxo


  2. Angela says:

    your wedding day is a perfect day to pick!! Love the taxi pictures!!

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