favorite books of 2013

Tuesday, September 24: Review a book, place, or product.

this is something i can get on board with. i am a book nerd. since i’m so pretty & fun people rarely guess that about me (i just laughed out loud at myself – i hope you did too). but no seriously, i am. i’m in two book clubs. i check my goodreads account daily for any new updates or books to add to my “to read” library. there is ZERO space on any shelves in our apartment because they are covered in literary gems. brian bought me an ipad mini so i’d stop buying books & read on there but secretly (earmuffs brian) if i read one i enjoy on my ipad i buy it afterward for my on shelf library… i can’t help it!! i love to be able to talk to someone & then say “oh i have the perfect book for you, here you go” & give them a treasure (to borrow, not to keep). i have i have personalized name tag stickers for my books. okay i think you get the point. in any case i will review some of the best books i have read so far in 2013. if they’re on this list i recommend you go out & buy them immediately for consumption.

1.) the book thief – an account of nazi germany from a perspective often overlooked. this story is told from the view of a small girl who lives in a household that is hiding a jew in their basement. the story is about her relationship with her foster parents, the man in her basement & those around her. it is a story of love & courage along with death & grief.

2.) me before you – an unexpected love story that will pull on your heartstrings.

3.) 7: an experimental mutiny against excess – a Christian social experiment where jen hatmaker identified 7 areas of excess in her life that she attempted to battle in 7 months. her 7 categories were: food. clothes. spending. media. possessions. waste. stress. it is a hilarious account of her struggles to cut back & in doing so grow closer to God. there are also an afterward that includes companies with a conscience which i LOVED & will make an effort to shop with several of them.

4.) the end of your life book club – a heartening story of a mother who is fighting a fatal cancer & her son who unexpectedly starts a book club with her during their doctors visits together. they discover things about each other that they never knew, they talk of faith & dreams & about the power of books & how they effect us.

5.) the night circus – a whimsical story about a circus full of magic & an epic love story. the end will leave you amazed & wishing there were more chapters into these characters lives.

6.) the invisible bridge – ‘a grand love story and an epic tale of three brothers whose lives are torn apart by war.’ this is the best one liner for this book. it is full of much grief, yet also glimpses of hope but be ready for book that will weigh on your senses & your heart.

7.) the fault in our stars – a story about a girl named hazel who has a terminal cancer. she lives her life on oxygen & feels stuck inside a life she doesn’t want to live anymore. until she meets augustus in her support group. the story is about their relationship together & how augustus makes hazel realize just why life is worth living.

8.) the forgotten garden – this mystery unravels a secret past that has affected & connected many lives in its path. it is a ‘dark fairytale’ & it will keep you guessing until the end


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