an unhealthy hair accessory obsession

so peanut still doesn’t have much hair. more than she did to start but it’s EVERYWHERE & i can sort of get a clip in there now to add a little sparkle but headbands are still our “go-to” accessory. & i can’t stop (won’t stop) — they are ridiculously cute. why are these etsy moms out to get me!?! they have targeted my inability to say no to anything with glitter or bows or neon. i have a problem. the sparkle headband fever. there is no cure. so why not be contagious… if you’re a mom with a daughter, i’m pretty sure you have caught the fever now too, so here are some of our FAVORITESSSSSS                    **they all also do great holiday collections

pretty little elm

pretty little elm

giddy up and grow

giddy up and grow

a little lady shop

little lady shop

bugs & honey bows

bugs and honey.jpg

jameson monroe

jameson monroe

bub & bug studio


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