i recently saw this post blasted across facebook & it made me stop in my tracks. i re-read it. a few times. i processed it. i swallowed that lump in my throat & i realized that this is so very true. more often than not i jump to conclusions. not just in marriage but in life in general. i am quick to react, quick to speak (often without thinking) & quick to judge. three little things about myself that i could improve on. but when it comes to my marriage, this is more the case than anything else. trust is such a delicate little flower. & it is very hard for me to let go of a grudge & let grace in. although i try to think that i am an overall good person, these vices sometimes consume me. & once you’ve broken my trust, i just can’t process how i am supposed to give it back. i believe in 2nd & 3rd & even sometimes 4th chances but my memory is photographic when it comes to being hurt. i can’t accept or let go of what once was in order to see what could flourish. it has been holding me back for years. keeping me from that happy place i like to dwell in. where love is not blind but it can close it’s eyes sometimes. where i accept people for who they are & choose to love them anyways. where i see the whole, which is worthy & rich & good – instead of separate parts that pull at themselves. we are all so far from perfect. the greatest thing we can do for one another is to love. to let grace fill our hearts. to be slower to judge & quicker to comfort. i hope that in my marriage & in my life i can do this. i hope my husband always see me as someone who he can trust & hurdle obstacles with. no matter what comes our way. & i hope i can be a little more forgiving when we stumble. ily

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