grandpas are the best

we were lucky that my dad had work in the city this week & got to spend some time with his grandbaby. i SO wish that my family was closer. i miss them all the time. it is that ‘stop by for dinner’ or ‘let’s meet up & take madison to the park’ type of moments that i regret i won’t get to share with them. when we all DO get together everything is so planned out & we are on an agenda to as many things as possible, that we miss out on those little moments of just doing nothing & being together. but this is what we had on sunday & monday. just being together – watching the broncos go 6-0! & simply rolling around on the floor with madison & making her giggle. i hope she grows up to appreciate these these things. & cherishes time spent with her family. i was a little late to the game in this department & look back & regret not doing MORE. time passes by so quickly. we love you grandpa.

grandpaplaying with grandpa-4playing with grandpa-5playing with grandpa-6playing with grandpa-7

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