what 30 has taught me

so, i’m 30. that seems like a serious milestone. & maybe it isn’t but to me, it seems like the ending to the first movie of a great trilogy. you feel like you’ve gotten to know the characters by now & they have evolved over the course of time. but you are left with a cliff hanger for part II. what will happen next?! this is pretty much how i feel. not only have i evolved into a ‘real’ human that can walk & talk & function on my own (b/c in my first 30 years i was also a baby… which is weird) but i have emotionally come full circle. i am, for the first time in my life, completely comfortable in my own skin. i think that is what 30 brings you. the confidence to know that you can be whoever you want to be. & there are people that will love it & there are people that will hate it. but 30 makes you realize that the people that love it are the only ones worth worrying about. i spent the better part of my life trying to be accepted by just about everyone. i had convinced myself that my happiness was in other people’s hands. & i was (am) a wee bit stubborn. & although a lot of people are sad about 30 {because it means we’re getting old & have crow’s feet around our eyes & wrinkles & we’re going to bed earlier & slowly evolving into our parents} i am grateful. i am grateful for everything that 30 has taught me. i will carry this new found self-love into my 30’s & beyond. i am excited to see what the rest of this one wild & precious life has in store for me.


dirty thirty-5dirty thirty-6dirty thirty-7dirty thirty-10dirty thirty-13dirty thirty-14dirty thirty-16dirty thirty-25dirty thirty-28dirty thirty-31dirty thirty-33

sequin dress / earrings

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