fairy tales are true / guest post

Hi Miss Kelly’s friends!
I’m Sarah Tucker and I’m happy to be here sharing what I am so very thankful for this year.  
Last year this time, I had a big ‘ol belly.
{photo by Jessica Lorren}
 And man, even though i was maybe the grumpiest pregnant person to walk the face of the earth, I was very thankful for that little life that was growing inside.
 and I will always, always, always be thankful I married this guy.
best human being alive, that is for certain. 
i’m thankful for the fact that he makes life such an adventure, he makes great breakfasts, he is an amazing father, he is such a supportive husband, and well, i could go on all day.  he’s the best darn one, and i will always question how i got him.
and then this little guy.  well, i’m awfully thankful for him.
i’m thankful for his smiles, his giggles, his mischievous little self, for all of the life lessons he is teaching me.
he makes even the tough days turn into the best day ever.
when i start to count my blessings; these two are at the very top.
thankful beyond measure, that’s me!

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