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When my daughter ask me to blog on gratitude, I thought oh my gosh, I’m grateful for so many things. too many to write down. what if I leave out something or someone, hence why writing my thoughts can be scary. Anyone that knows me knows I really worry about offending others.

I have been blessed. God has given me so much more than I deserve or need. All the credit goes to GOD. I’ll keep the list short, but some of the things that I am grateful for are:

— grateful for a wonderful, funny, loving husband. he’s my friend, lover, father and soul mate for life. He gets me. Maybe he just puts up with me.


— grateful for two amazing children. They complete my life. Both different but each loving and caring. I am grateful they still write thank you cards , call their mom and make me laugh. I am so proud of them. Grateful they believe. Grateful they gave me grandchildren.

— grateful for four wonderful sweet grandchildren who make me smile. I’m grateful they haven’t outgrown me. I miss them.


— grateful for facetime. I know that sounds silly. No matter how far away I am from my family and friends, we can still communicate. I can be at their party or event and never leave my living room , pretty amazing. Makes my day.

— grateful that my mama calls me every day just to check on me. Glad she’s able. Love her


— grateful that I was asked to be in the delivery room and witness the birth of my youngest grandchild. It was pretty amazing. Wasn’t on the receiving end when mine were born. Ha

— grateful that my family is healthy.

— grateful that I have the best friends a girl can have. I can depend on them. I love them and they love me.


— grateful to have a good job and an amazing boss.

— grateful I have a loving home, food and things, some necessary and many not.

— grateful, don’t laugh, it’s basketball season again, GO CATS


— grateful I have a family that loves me no matter what.

— grateful I still love to act silly. I love to laugh. I think laughter is good for everyone. for those that don’t laugh, try it.

— grateful for a good book. grateful for time to read that good book.

— grateful for a good cup of coffee

— grateful I believe and never give up.

— grateful I can help others.

— grateful I am able to see family and friends several times a year. I am very fortunate

Well I could go on for days with this list but I’ll stop. i read something once written that said “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it.” So here’s my partial list.

& Thanks to my beautiful daughter for asking me to blog. I am grateful for her.

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