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Hi, everyone! My name is Kelly. I (occasionally) blog over here. I was so excited when (the other) Kelly asked me to write about gratitude. I was so glad she asked; I have A LOT to say about this topic!

This last year terms like “blessed”, “thankful”, and “gratitude” have taken on an entirely new meaning to me. Last year at this time I was pregnant with twins (27-28 weeks- ish) and on bed rest contracting and dilating. I was trying desperately to stay pregnant as long as possible! I made it 30 weeks and one day when HELLP syndrome got the better of me.

My sweet babies, Charlie and Sloane, spent 66 and 59 days (respectively) in the NICU. During that time I learned what it really means to be grateful and thankful. I saw and heard of many other moms who would never get to bring their babies home. (*This is the part where Kelly is wishing she had never asked me to guest blog- ha!) I realized that while Charlie and Sloane’s entrance into the world was seriously less than ideal, they were here. They were mine, and they were going to be just fine. And I became grateful for our NICU experience. Yes, grateful.

During our stay in the NICU, I made friends. I learned how to nurse- (and had a TON of help!). I completely altered my understanding of the word “patience”. Most importantly, though, I realized just how blessed I was. My twins weren’t quick to roll over. But they now breathe on their own. They did not fit into “newborn” clothes until they were almost 3 months old. But they no longer require feeding tubes. I did not sleep under the same roof as they did for the first 66 days of their lives. But I got to bring them home. Every. Single. Day. I think about how blessed I am that I got to bring my babies home. That I get to hear them scream and whine at me. That I get to change their TERRIBLY dirty diapers. That I get to go to work each morning with sweet potatoes on my shoulder and saliva in my hair.

So there you go. I am grateful for our NICU experience because it helped me understand what gratitude really means. And yes, it was the most expensive lesson of my life, but I am thankful for my million dollar babies!


Thanks, Kelly, for allowing me to guest post!!
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  2. A really happy person, there are two so cute baby really happy, and hope every day happy heart

  3. Kelly says:

    Thanks again for having me!!

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