from a mom with a daughter

everything i have been seeing lately is about dads with daughters. there have been a million posts from dads to daughters, rules for dads with daughters, things dads should do with their daughters, how dads should treat their daughter’s mothers, etc. etc. it’s all cute. okay it’s adorable. & i hope that one day brian will sit down for a tea party. i hope he will tell madison she is beautiful every single day. i hope that he will let her dress him up & that he will be vulnerable to the fact that he will be her first love. i hope that he realizes this. i pray every single day that he cherishes the silly small moments. they will be gone so quickly & sometimes i fear that the every day obstacles blind him to this fact. we can get caught up in the difficulty of being parents. it’s pretty hard not to. but for every teardrop there is a belly laugh — and that sound… oh my heart – sometimes i can’t take those little sounds. they fill me up. they give me a reason to get up in the morning. she fills a void in me that i didn’t even know was there. i read that we shouldn’t just “sit idly by while she adds years to her life…” we should “add life to her years” — this sticks. & this is exactly what i intend to do. so while everyone is talking about dads & daughters, and while i also hope that my husband is the father to madison that my dad was to me… i want to take a minute to focus on mamas. & what mamas of daughters should do. i have a really great one. my mama was never afraid to be silly with me. she can make me laugh at times when i think i might never laugh again. she is the strongest, most compassionate woman i have ever met. people are just drawn to her. i hope i can be half the mom to madison that she has been to me.

so dear madison,

being a girl is fun / we will twirl / we will laugh, every day / we will wear sparkles & glitter & bows & pink / we will put on lipstick & make kissy faces / we will cuddle / we will do each others hair / we will smile, a lot / we will read books / we will have sleepovers in the backyard / we will stay up late & watch movies / we will jump on beds / we will race the wind / we will take photographs for memories / we will splash in puddles & dance in the rain / we will roast marshmallows / we will pick flowers / we will watch the sunset / we will see the world / we will wear fuzzy socks & slide across the floor / we will have matching pajamas / we will make cookies / we will make a mess / we will sing at the tops of our lungs / we will make daddy watch choreographed dances / we will always leave room for dessert / we will hold hands / we will share secrets / we will dream dreams together / we will have messy hair & wild hearts / we will never settle

i will be your best friend, for as long as you allow me & into forever

i hope you shock the world

i hope you are inexcusably you

i hope you break the mold

i hope you are happy

you can be anything / you can do anything / somebody might someday tell you that this a man’s world… don’t listen / make your own rules baby girl

& remember… i love you always


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kathleen morris says:

    this was so sweet & beautiful! thanks for sharing!

    1. MrsToes says:

      oh thank you so much 🙂 it has been such a life changing experience xx

  2. Me says:

    Meant to say. Love u

  3. Me says:

    Thanks for the sweet comments. You are best daughter ever. Enjoy your time with daughter. You grew up too fast for me. Live u 🙂

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