mastering patience

a little something motherhood has taught me is patience. now marriage definately laid the groundwork for this… husbands require a good amount of patience as well but babies… well it’s a whole different ball game. recently we started to teach madison to sign. i would like to be able to communicate with this drunk human from time to time & actually come up with the correct answer for her. let me just tell you how stupid one can look staring at a baby & signing symbols over & over & over again while said baby looks back at you & then throws things at you. & in no way will mimic what you’d like for her to. however if beyonce comes on the tv & shakes her tail feather madison will mimic that for weeks like a party trick. i guess this mom isn’t as cool as beyonce & signing “milk” isn’t as awesome as twerking to single ladies… clearly // i am continuing however to sign over & over & over till she gets the hang of it // but until there is a guest appearance on baby signing time from beyonce i feel it might be hopeless. on the other hand, brian & I could have an entire conversation without words currently so at least WE are learning something. it’s never too late

other things as of late that require great patience. if only i was mr miyagi…

* dumping all of her food on the floor from her high chair & also her bottles

* trying to grab her diaper while i am changing it

* looking at me with a big huge smile on her face every time i say “NO”

* doing the exact opposite of what i say at all times, then laughing

* pulling off her socks & shoes & hats & bows & throwing them (all the time)

* taking my cell phone and smashing it onto the floor over & over

* eating gussy’s food & flipping his water bowl… then giggling

* pulling my pants down when i try to do the dishes, while crying ma ma ma ma ma

also m, if you can sleep tonight, that would be very sweet of you. i love you, but i don’t want to see you 24 hours a day. or i will fight you. thanks baby girl

standing up outsidestanding up outside-2standing up outside-3

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  1. Mary K says:

    Signing is the best! Some other good ones are- all done, help, more, eat, drink, book 🙂

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