happy new year

2013 how will i ever forget you?! you brought me life’s greatest gift. my daughter. my sunshine. my life. i don’t know how it will be possible to top this year & i am having a hard time letting go of it. i am usually a big fan of the new year & of second chances, i just am not quite ready to let go of madison’s first year. the new year will always be synonymous with another year of her life & that is going to be hard on me to watch her grow. it’s a bittersweet feeling. & one i was entirely sure that i would not feel. i was certain i would enjoy every minute of her growing up, but it’s not true. a selfish part of me wants to preserve this little stink face, messy hair, snot nosed babe. who lets me hold her in my arms & laughs at the simple things in life, like peek-a-boo. for how much longer will just the sound of my laugh make her laugh? for how much longer will she yearn to be held in our arms? i hope that it will be for many years to come, but the new year highlights this & as excited as i am about her first birthday approaching, i am also incredibly sad. it has been an UNBELIEVABLE year in our household. unbelievably wonderful & unbelievably difficult. the both sides of parenthood, that most people neglect to address. some days were pure roses & others were full of thorns. but they were 365 days that i will preserve in my heart forever. thank you 2013. for a healthy, happy baby girl & for a new job in a familiar place. 2014 you have a lot to live up to. i expect some big things from you!!!

NYENYE-2NYE-6NYE-13NYE-31NYE-34NYE edits-2NYE-36NYE-38

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