‘people will stare… make it worth their while’

well ain’t that the truth!? no matter what you do, people will still always stare. something will be too tight, too loose, too sparkly, not sparkly enough, too short, too long, too crazy, too boring. people will always have their opinions. but it’s been my philosophy to give them all something to talk about & apparently mr. harry winston agrees. although we can’t all afford to sparkle quite the way he does can we? that’s okay, we don’t need to! chloe + isabel is an online jewelry boutique that offers the greatest fashion at a gracious price. you can now sparkle with the best of them, & these pieces will leave everyone asking where oh where you purchase such lovely gems?!

AND you’re in luck b/c you still have time to enter a giveaway i am sponsoring over at sarah tucker styles! you can win the new morningtide chandelier earrings (pictured below) // there’s 12 hours to go!


also if you would like to own these earrings & more for FREE get in touch with me on how to host a pop-up shop or virtual pop-up shop to earn free jewelry. i am also offering 20% off the chandelier earrings to anyone who re-blogs about my boutique. just tag me // email me // let me know.

B188-B N230-B R047P-CN228B-C B179CL-A

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